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Oregon Fire Service Museum’s Collection includes a wide range of fire service artifacts, from hydrants and helmets to vintage turnout gear and uniforms, fire extinguishers, first aid and rescue equipment, photographs, fire alarm systems, memorabilia and more.


The Apparatus Collection includes the c. 1820 Abbot & Downing hand pumper Molly Stark, various hand-drawn hose and chemical carts from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and the following motorized apparatus:

  • 1902 American-LaFrance Steamer with 1916 motorized tractor (on loan)

  • 1914 American LaFrance pumper

  • 1923 Ford TT Hose Wagon

  • 1925 Seagrave 85’wooden aerial tillered ladder truck

  • 1936 Seagrave pumper

  • 1936 American-LaFrance & Foamite Industries, Inc. “Invader” ladder/quad.

    • This is the only one of this type ever made.

  • 1938/41 Ford chassis converted to a fire engine by Gloyd Hall with Neep Equipment Company

  • 1946 Ford – Howard Cooper pumper

  • 1944 Seagrave 85’ ladder truck

  • 1950 Kenworth – Howard Cooper pumper (on loan)

  • 1951 Maxim – Wentworth & Irwin pumper

  • 1953 FWD Tanker

  • 1953 FWD Pumper

  • 1954 Crown “Firecoach” triple combination fire engine

  • 1956 International/Howard Cooper canopy cab pumper

  • 1957 GMC – FMC pumper

  • 1958 American LaFrance 700 series 85’ aerial ladder truck

  • 1958 Peter Pirsch 85’ aerial ladder truck

  • 1966 Ford/Western States pumper

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“By providing this opportunity for the community to experience and understand the progression of fire protection, Oregon Fire Service Museum will be keeping history alive and perhaps inspiring the next generation of firefighters.  Oregon Fire Service Museum is a valuable institution for our community and our future.”                            --Terry Riley, Fire Chief

                                                                             Marion County Fire District #1

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